A stocktaking between possibilities, measures and distrust

More than 320 executives and 1,000 end customers gave us an insight into their ideas, prejudices and plans around AI.

Talking to real people about AI

Collecting facts on a topic full of opinions: This is the basic idea behind our Artificial Intelligence (AI) survey. We were interested in the different perspectives on the topic: on the one hand, the perspective of decision-makers in companies. The people who, with their decisions and projects, create new workflows, forms of communication and business models from new technology. On the other hand, the perspective of the end customer. People who, as consumers, benefit from the effects of AI-supported offers and services or - depending on their attitude - are affected.


Our AI study report summarises all the results of the survey.

KI gives you a competitive advantage


More than 320 executives answered our questions about AI. The statement "Companies that invest in AI in the next five years have a competitive advantage" was fully or rather supported by 87 percent. The overwhelming majority is convinced of the importance of AI.

AI creates anticipation

Private life

1,000 end customers answered our questions about AI. 61 percent fully or rather agreed with the statement "AI will offer me many advantages in the future". Personally, the customers have a positive view at the possibilities of the possibilities opened up by AI applications. They find the topic exciting and are open to new offers and services.

AI determines projects


More than 320 executives answered our questions about AI. Almost half of them consider the use of AI technologies to be one of the most important projects of the next three years. No other topic of the survey came up with similarly high values in importance.

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