AI and energy: a duo for change

The energy system of tomorrow is different: green, decentralised and complex. Artificial Intelligence is already shaping this future today.

Our knowledge: AI and energy

The driver of energy system transformation is called AI

The energy industry is undergoing profound change, the overriding goal of which is decarbonisation. Many renewable energy plants are replacing a few conventional power stations. Generation and consumption are increasingly decentralised. And sector coupling combines areas such as electricity, heat and transport into an integrated energy system. All this changes the framework and puts pressure on decision-makers to find suitable solutions to new challenges. The main features of the changed energy system are growing complexity and masses of data. While people are coming up against limits in dealing with this, AI technology feels at home here. Their use ensures more efficient processes and creates new business models. This is demonstrated by established AI applications in the energy environment: they provide reliable forecasts for generation and consumption, optimise network capacity utilisation and indicate the need for plant maintenance at an early stage.

Use Cases

These use cases demonstrate how artificial intelligence has already become a reality for many companies in the automotive industry. Our experts support you in finding the right approaches for your tasks.

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The Study

"AI - a stocktaking" provides you with different perspectives on the topic: On the one hand the perspective of decision makers in companies. Those people who, with their decisions and projects, create new work processes, forms of communication and business models from new technology.

On the other hand, the perspective of the customers. The people who, as consumers, profit from the effects of AI-based offers and services or - depending on their attitude - are affected.

These facts help them to develop a better feeling for topics and trends, for attitudes and expectations.


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