AI turns the ‘good thing’ of today into the ‘wow’ of tomorrow

AI can give you the decisive edge in the competition for customers: more knowledge about the buyers, more response to your communication, more passion in customer relations

Our expertise: AI and Retail

Thanks to AI, you and your customers are on the same wavelength

Providing seamless communication from a single source, no matter which channel, no matter what the topic is one of the central tasks for managers in retail, but when faced with shops, online shops, apps, social media, traditional advertising, call centres, mailing lists, brochures and much more, it is not an easy one. AI can help you get to know your customers better and offer an attractive and unique service.

Be it natural language communication via chatbots or smart speakers, or the blending of reality and the virtual world in virtual, augmented or mixed-reality applications, decision-makers who set the right course now can differentiate themselves from their competitors with a new quality of seamless communication.

Use Cases

These use cases demonstrate how artificial intelligence has already become a reality for many companies in the automotive industry. Our experts support you in finding the right approaches for your tasks.

An AI that gives your product information structure and flair

A system that doesn’t need a lot of training to sell your products well

An AI that automates your written correspondence
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An AI solution that reaches out to customers on their level
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An AI that can manage any number of customer requests
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An AI that knows how many people will call you next week
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An AI that seeks out new potential customers
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A workshop that discovers the AI potential in your processes
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A system that makes retail a personal and immersive experience for all the senses
Shopping is becoming a sensory experience
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The Study

"AI - a stocktaking" provides you with different perspectives on the topic: On the one hand the perspective of decision makers in companies. Those people who, with their decisions and projects, create new work processes, forms of communication and business models from new technology.

On the other hand, the perspective of the customers. The people who, as consumers, profit from the effects of AI-based offers and services or - depending on their attitude - are affected.

These facts help them to develop a better feeling for topics and trends, for attitudes and expectations.


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